Hot Tips To Break Your Routine and Close More Deals

Thu Oct 12, 2017

Kathy Crosett

It’s not just you. The sales world is more competitive than it’s ever been. Technology has routinemade it possible for clients and prospects to know all about you before you reach out to them. And then there are competitors who will cut prices to the bone to win business. Don’t let these new challenges weaken your resolve to make quota. Instead, follow Brenda Stoltz’s advice.

Part of your problem may be your routine. Are you locked into following the same pattern of outreach with every prospect? It might be most efficient for you to make all your initial calls on Monday afternoons and all your follow-up calls on Fridays. But, what’s efficient for you might not work for a prospect. First, try making your calls at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Remember to adjust the times you’re making the calls to the time zone the prospect is in.

And, don’t feel locked into calling. Some prospects will do anything to avoid using the phone. They might view phone calls as a waste of time or an antiquated form of communication. If you don’t get a response to your call, trying emailing. If that doesn’t work, there’s always social media.

While you’re working on existing prospects, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Start looking for new prospects. If the same old tactics haven’t been yielding great results lately, expand your horizons. Earlier this year, A Day in the Life of a Salesperson, appeared in Quotable, a Salesforce publication. The salespeople in this study revealed where they spent the most time prospecting for leads.

  • Social media 25%
  • Referrals/networking events 25%
  • Prospecting tool 22%
  • Cold calling 16%
  • Search engines 9%
  • Trade publications 4%

How do your strategies compare? Have you been meaning to use social media, like LinkedIn, but haven’t gotten around to it? Now might be the perfect time to start searching for leads that you can develop and harvest next year. The Quotable study also noted that 50% of sales pros like building relationships. They spend time with their prospects, knowing that the personal attention will eventually lead to a deal. Maybe some of this relationship building comes in the form of sharing studies and other relevant information with prospects through social media.

One more good tip emerged from the Quotable study. Over 46% of reps believe Tuesday is the best day to connect with prospects. Try reaching out with phone calls and emails on Tuesdays and you maybe be rewarded with an indication of interest, the first step to getting your foot through the door.

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