How To Keep Social Media Conversations Going

Thu Jul 30, 2015

Jessica Helinski

socialmedia 2To get the most out of social media, marketers need to encourage two-way conversations with other users. But, most businesses struggle with this; they send out a tweet or post on Facebook, and the conversation remains one-sided. Marc Guberti, in an article for B2C Community, has some tips on improving social media interactions, which your digital clients may find helpful. He shares 10 ways marketers can inspire others to reply, which include:

  • Asking a question. Doing this not only directly invites your clients’ followers to chime in, but also can help your clients learn more about their followers.
  • Thanking followers for sharing content. If someone shares content your client posted, encourage the client to reach out and say thanks. “Most marketers are so focused on sharing and creating content that they forget to thank the people who appreciate them,” Guberti explains. “Some of the people who share your articles will feel so grateful that you thanked them that these people will continue sharing your content.”
  • Responding promptly. The longest conversations usually take place when both parties respond to each other quickly, imitating an in-person dialogue. Your clients should make a policy to respond to social media communications within a set time period, preferably the sooner, the better.
  • Polling. Like asking a question, polling invites interaction, and your clients can also glean insight about followers.

Social media is all about communication, and by conversing back-and-forth with followers, your clients can build relationships and learn more about their audience. But, it’s up to them to keep these conversations going, and Guberti’s tips can help inspire and extend engagement.

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