How to Score Social Marketing Success in 2016

Thu Nov 5, 2015

Jessica Helinski

Do you hear that? That’s the clock ticking down to the end of 2015. There’s major opportunity to add value to your relationship with digital clients if you can prep them for success in 2016. A recent article on Marketing Land has just the insight you need to do so, highlighting top trends that shouldn’t be ignored in the New Year.

Elisabeth Osmeloski has gathered 20 key trends, top news, and educated insights from social media and marketing professionals. Her article can serve as a well-rounded guide to how your clients should set up their social strategy for 2016. Below, are just a few points from her list:

  • Platforms keep introducing new ad formats, which is keeping marketers on their toes and in constant “create” mode. As advertiser budgets keep rising, they need to grab users’ attention and maximize ROI.
  • Real-time marketing moments are not only great for boosting a brand’s awareness, they can also be moneymakers. Your clients should be ready to post relevant, attention-grabbing messages on-the-fly in response to real-life cultural moments.
  • Real-time video is another trend that is poised for even greater growth in 2016. Platforms like Periscope and Meerkat have garnered millions of users, and brands should consider how these social networks can fit into their social strategies.
  • Thanks to SnapChat Discover, the platform is experiencing four billion video views daily. SnapChat also recently launched “Sponsored Lenses” for selfies, which creates even more opportunity for brands to capture audience’s attention on the platform.

“With all of these social marketing opportunities to prioritize in your strategy for 2016, it’s hard to know where to begin, and it’s our job to help you sort it out,” Osmeloski writes. Take a look at her article and pass her insights on to your clients to steer them on the right path in the New Year!

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