Can You Guess Which Industry Has an Average Email Open Rate of 55.9%?

Wed Mar 29, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Email has become an extremely popular advertising medium, and for a good reason. We have email2become pretty dependent on our internet-wielding devices. We use the internet to socialize, research and shop, among many other things. And what is the way we gain access to online shopping, social media and other online resources? We give up our email addresses. There are so many industries using this medium, but which one dominates email advertising? Jess Nelson supplies the answer in her article, “High Email Engagement Among Businesses in Sports Industry.”

According to Delivra, an email marketing automation platform, the professional sporting industry is the ruler of email, and by no small amount. This conclusion is drawn as the result of a study analyzing a cross section of around three billion emails over 20 industries. These emails were processed in 2016 through Delivra’s software. Here are the resulting percentages of the professional sports industry compared to the 20 industry average percentage in parenthesis:

  • Average Email Open Rates: 55.9% (31.92%)
  • Average Click Rate: 7.49% (3.57%)

Not only is the professional sporting industry the clear leader in email readership, it also has the lowest rate of readers unsubscribing. The industry had only 0.08% of its subscribers choose to discontinue their emails. The 20 studied industries as a whole had an average unsubscribing rate of 0.25%.

Delivra also studied which devices were used to open the most emails in 2016. The percentage of engagement over all 20 industries covered in the study by medium looks like this:

  • Smartphones: 50.48%
  • Desktop: 25.49%
  • Web Browser-Based Email Client (ex. Gmail): 24.03%

There you have it. The professional sporting industry has the most active email readers and they likely are reading their emails on their smartphones. If your professional sporting industry clients aren’t taking advantage of this effective advertising medium, advise them to start utilizing email campaigns to go along with their TV and/or radio advertising.

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