Interactive Email: How to Increase Unique Clicks by 18.3%

Wed Apr 12, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Are your clients not getting the click ratio they continue to hope for on their email marketing digitaldealcampaigns? Have they tried everything they can think of for traditional emails and it just isn’t getting results? Fear not, there is a growing alternative to dull traditional emails. Interactive emails are the marketing staple of the future and Jess Nelson details their success her article, “Interactive Emails Increase Engagement.”

If your clients haven’t experimented with interactive emails, they’re missing out. Experian’s Q4 2016 Email Benchmark Report reveals that, not only do interactive emails increase unique clicks by 18.3%, they also boost click-to-open rates by 10%! The numbers showcase the promise, but what goes into a successful interactive email?

First comes research. While your clients may be inclined to send out these powerhouse emails ASAP, remind them that interactive emails are only supported by iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail and AOL. So, it’s important to have your clients look into how their customers are viewing their mail. However, even if your clients’ customers aren’t checking their email through the available servers, they shouldn’t lose hope yet. Companies such as Google and Microsoft have begun their email servers’ integration processes to be able to receive interactive emails. With such big name companies already making the switch, it wouldn’t be surprising if interactive supporting email became the norm.

Second, Logan Baird, the leader of design services at a web-based email marketing service called Emma, reminds marketers that interactive emails will take longer to prepare. These emails have to be designed, created and tested before they can be sent. It obviously won’t be as quick as sending an email with an attached coupon, but keep those increased click percentages in mind as you make the necessary preparations.

Third: what are some examples of effective interactive components? Baird suggests social media linked interactive games or puzzles that will give the readers coupons upon completion. Your clients should design the interactive component to give readers a sense of accomplishment and to have them looking forward to more of your clients’ emails.

What are you waiting for? Introduce your email marketing clients to this trend and get designing!


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