Key Account Executive Cold Calls with Co-op

Fri Dec 18, 2015

Courtney Huckabay

ShawnWellingtonChallenge: Power sports dealer struggles with slow summer sales slump

The mass exodus of snowbirds during the summer months always proves difficult for Florida Today’s advertisers. Key Account Executive Shawn Wellington was determined to beat the heat with a consultative sales approach. In his first two weeks at Florida Today Wellington received training on AdMall PRO’s co-op intelligence reports and familiarized himself with the power sports category’s challenges and seasonality.

“The most important thing is being able to know your customer’s business intimately,” he said. “I knew he’d just come out of wave-runner season, that ATV season is in the fall, and Honda motorcycle season is in late September – so he’d really be feeling the summer crunch with the snowbirds gone.”

Solution: Make an (co-op) offer he couldn’t refuse

“It was an easy sell, I’m not going to lie,” Wellington laughingly admitted. “I went in cold on Monday and I had the spec ad with me and the co-op offer ready to go.”

He explained that one of the oldest Air Force bases in the country is in their backyard and he knew their Military News publication would be the perfect fit for the power sports ads.

“I came prepared, and positioned the paper with the co-op, so it was a no-brainer,” Wellington said.

Results: Close the sale for a ½-page ad in the Military News

The power sports dealer got on his computer right then to make sure he had accrued enough co-op funds. Motivated by the LTO and 75% reimbursement from Kawasaki, the dealer signed on for a ½-page vertical ad weekly for the month of July. He spent $1,140 with Wellington on the spot, and had never advertised with Florida Today before!

“I got him into something I knew would work for him,” Wellington said. “He knew about co-op, but didn’t connect the dots to make that money work for him. But, that’s MY job!”

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