Key Account Executive Increases New Client Spend by 125%

Fri Aug 29, 2014

Faye Oney

How do you more than double a new client’s ad spending with your media in just 10 minutes? Charlotte Joseph, key accounts executive for ThisWeek Community Newspapers says a combination of quick thinking and AdMall helped her upsell a new client over the phone – from $4,000 to $9,000.SSACharlotte Joseph

ThisWeek Community Newspapers is a local newspaper delivered weekly to subscribers in different communities around central Ohio. Recently, Joseph took a call from a marketer at a regional shoe store specializing in national brand shoes.

“They were looking to place ads in the community papers distributed near the malls where they were located,” Joseph recalled.

After learning that the prospect’s main product was New Balance shoes, Joseph remembered New Balance made co-op money available to its dealers for advertising. While still on the phone with the prospect, Joseph quickly searched the Co-op Intelligence Reports in AdMall to find more information about New Balance’s co-op program.

Joseph emailed her contact the information while they were still on the phone. She suggested to the prospect that they might want to use their co-op money to advertise in the paper’s Komen Race for the Cure section – a section devoted to the local race in Columbus for breast cancer awareness.

It took only 10 minutes for Joseph’s new client to agree to advertise in the section, increasing her spending by 125%. The New Balance dealer advertised in 8 local editions, and took a full page in the Komen section.

“It was a great sale with a new customer,” Joseph said. “This helped open up a relationship with her. Just by picking up on that co-op information from AdMall – it gave me something to talk about with her.”

Helping your advertisers helps your sales

By taking that extra step to conduct a little research, Joseph not only helped her client secure some extra advertising dollars from one of their vendors, she added extra revenue to the sale. More importantly, she earned the new client’s trust – an important factor in developing future sales.

AdMall’s Co-op Reports – another conversation starter

Many advertisers leave advertising dollars on the table, completely unaware of what they’re entitled to from their manufacturers and vendors. If you’re an AdMall subscriber, you have access to an entire database of co-op advertising reports.

Because Joseph had previously familiarized herself with AdMall’s Co-op Intelligence Reports, she quickly remembered there was extra money available for her new client. That extra revenue can make a difference in meeting your monthly sales goals.

Charlotte Joseph of ThisWeek Community Newspapers is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2014.

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