Do You Know What’s Causing That Prospect’s Migraine?

Thu Sep 28, 2017

Kathy Crosett

If you only knew what the prospect sitting across the table from you is struggling with, you’d already migrainehave a signed contract. How many times has that thought crossed your mind in the past few months? You don’t have to be a mind reader to figure out what the prospect wants. Using these tips from Mark Wayshak, you can discover the pain points and get one step closer to closing the deal.

As part of your sales training, you’ve been advised to research the prospect. You know about her business and what’s happening in her industry. You may have a list of the problems that businesses in her industry usually experience. These problems may include having a bad reputation with consumers – like products linked to environmental damage.

That kind of problem is significant, but it might not be what Wayshak calls a ‘migraine.’ If you really want your prospect to buy your service, you need to dig deeper to discover exactly which problem is causing her the biggest headache. The migraine kind of problem is likely to get a prospect to make a decision quickly. After all, she’ll want to stop that pain as quickly as possible so she can get back to work.

Let’s imagine that one of her top executives was just arrested and charged with DUI. Maybe this individual has a big public profile and this incident will be hugely embarrassing to the company. If you’re selling reputation management services, you now have a specific and obvious migraine-inducing pain point to discuss with the prospect.  She knows how much this incident is going to cost her business in lost sales. Get that number from her through careful questioning. Then, connect the value of what you’re selling to the continued losses she may face if she takes no action.

It’s always a good idea to do your homework before you meet with a prospect. It’s even better when you can pinpoint the problem that is causing migraine-level pain, and then be prepared to discuss how you can help.

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