KSM: TV Ads, Store Circulars, Email Coupons Driving Store Traffic

Thu Dec 8, 2016

Kathy Crosett

If your clients are desperate to get millennials shopping in their stores, they might think they need to invest in Circularsdigital and mobile marketing. According to new research from Kelly Scott Madison (KSM), marketers should remember to use traditional media to attract millennials. In particular, TV remains a key influencer for shoppers of all ages.

The KSM research is based on 1,000 U.S. adults, their shopping behaviors and the types of media that influence in-store visits. The first challenge traditional marketers face in connecting with consumers is being noticed. Shoppers tell researchers the following media formats are very influential in convincing them to visit a traditional store:

  • Store circular ads 27%
  • Email ads/coupons 24%
  • TV ads 20%
  • Direct mail ads 19%
  • Ads in magazines/newspapers 17%
  • Ads/posts on social media/fashion blogs
  • Mobile alerts 9%
  • Radio ads 10%
  • Online video ads 9%
  • Online banner ads 8%

With regard to millennial shoppers, email ads and coupons are most effective (42%) at generating store visits. TV and exterior store signage tie for second at 35%. Stores should be using circulars and direct mail as these formats attract millennial shopper interest at 30% and 29%, respectively.

For the most part, advertising does the heavy lifting of getting consumers into a store. After that, retailers must tweak their messages to keep shoppers interested in return visits. The right advertising strategies can make a difference. The KSM data indicates shoppers return to a traditional store because of:

  • Exclusive in-store sales/discounts/coupons 63%
  • Exclusive rewards for shopping in-store 53%
  • Ability to order online and pick up in-store 37%
  • Fresh inventory 22%

All of these factors underscore the need for retailers to make life easy for shoppers or to help them save money. To beat the competition, especially the retailers that sell online, your clients must let consumers know they’ll be rewarded for making the trip. Shoppers want to find unique items, or they’ll expect to pay less because they are in a rewards program. Your clients should communicate these kinds of messages in email promotions and direct mail ads – which can be customized to individual shoppers. This strategy will prove more effective and deliver a higher ROI than engaging with shoppers through social media. KSM analysts say only 5% of shoppers are swayed to visit a store again after making a social media connection.

As the holiday shopping season is now in full swing, share the results of this study with your clients and encourage them to buy traditional media spots in order to connect with harried consumers.

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