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Wed Sep 14, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

This month we learn about consumer spending trends, the benefits of personalized ads, and how to eliminate unprofessional habits.



Hello there, and WELCOME to the September 2016 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


Consumer spending trends are CHANGING, according to a recent Wall Street Journal analysis. And the changes have big implications for ADVERTISING budgets. For the most part, consumers are finding jobs, but they are NOT the well-PAYING positions many folks enjoyed years ago, but rather new positions with LOWER WAGES.

This trend is ONE reason that retail and restaurant sales are sluggish. Consumers are looking for the best DEALS on products and services and have cut BACK on dining OUT. To increase SALES, your clients will need to emphasize VALUE in their ad campaigns.

Consumers aren’t cutting back in EVERY category though. Folks with DISCRETIONARY income, especially those who are YOUNGER, tend to value EXPERIENCES over MATERIAL goods. Marketers in the travel and TOURISM business are facing STRONG DEMAND this year. Consumers are more interested in taking a weekend trip to a local spa than they were twenty years ago. This interest will drive demand for tour SERVICES and bed and breakfast INNS.

If you’re trying to decide where to focus your media sales and prospecting efforts, take a look at how consumers are spending disposable income. These days, it’s more about SERVICES and EXPERIENCES, than physical goods.


Consumers are BLOCKING ADS EVERYWHERE, even on their MOBILE devices. So how are we to get through to them with our advertisers’ messages? Well, according to Jivox, “PERSONALIZED digital advertising” referred to as “programmatic creative” could HELP. They define it as “using vast amounts of customer, environmental and demographic data to design and serve INDIVIDUALIZED ads to consumers.”

The Jivox BENCH-mark Report compares THEIR real-world campaign data to the GOOGLE Benchmark for RICH MEDIA Creatives, an industry GO-to measuring tool for display ad performance. Some TAKE-aways from the Jivox Benchmark Report comparing PERSONALIZED ads to RICH MEDIA ads include:

  • Consumer engagement SKYROCKETS when ads are personalized, delivering THREE TIMES the performance of rich media ads
  • Personalized ads outperform rich media by 230% on CLICK Through Rate
  • Personalized ads demonstrate increasing CTR engagement across the DURATION of a campaign
  • GEOGRAPHY is the trigger with the HIGHEST IMPACT for retail ads. The average CTR for ads personalized based on user’s geography is about 600% higher than rich media ads

Consider incorporating personalized digital ads into your offerings to boost your clients’ digital SUCCESS.


Are small habits making YOU look unprofessional? In an article for Inc., Rachel Gillett identifies common habits and explains why you should NIX them. Here are a few from her list.

  • PHONE-checking. If you can’t keep your hands (or eyes) off your phone, you show others you’re DISINTERESTED or your mobile device is MORE important. Stash your phone out of reach.
  • Avoiding EYE contact. Not meeting others’ eyes may come across as NERVOUS, unTRUSTworthy or unPREPARED. Strive to make eye contact at least HALF of the time you’re conversing with someone.
  • Restless HANDS. If you find that you’re wringing or rubbing your hands, it’s likely your audience is noticing TOO. Try to keep your palms rested on your knees or hands folded on a desk.
  • SPEED talking. When anxious or excited, many people RAMBLE. Concentrate on matching the speaking cadence and volume of the person you’re speaking with.  A POLISHED IMAGE can do wonders for your sales and customer service.

Consider Gillett’s advice, and don’t let little habits TARNISH your professionalism.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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