Local TV Broadcast News Drives Audience Engagement

Fri Oct 11, 2013

Kathy Crosett

Earlier this week I highlighted a Pew Research report that lamented the drop in the news audience, especially tvnewsamong younger generations. There’s no denying the Pew data, but TVB studies show that local broadcast news does attract a core population, including young adults. These viewing events drive conversations about newsworthy topics and also about advertising that appears during broadcasts.

TVB hired the Faye Keller group to study over 9,000 consumer conservations that took place on topical and local events. What people see on local newscast drives daily discussions between friends, family members and co-workers:

  • Personal/lifestyle topics (8.1 daily conversations)
  • Entertainment topics (5.5 daily conversations)

It’s not surprising to hear that 82% of consumers talk every day about the weather. But 75% also discuss national or international news, 63% chat about local news and 49% engage in political discussions. The research also compared conversations about advertised products and services and analysts concluded that broadcast news drives 30% more conversations on these topics than cable news.

Analysts also noted that younger consumers are watching the local broadcast news but not necessarily on traditional TV. This group also turns to tablets and mobile DTV.

TVB wants advertisers and media companies to be aware that at least 77% of daily conversations where word-of-mouth influence occurs takes place in person. As much as we’re drawn to our mobile phones and instant messaging and social media updates, we encounter people in the real world on a daily basis. Our conversations are likely to include current events and they may lead to a discussion of which restaurant is having a deal or which retailer is promoting the latest new mobile phone.

Reps, remind your advertisers of the importance of promoting products and services during local TV newscasts.

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