Local TV, Podcasting Show Ad Strength

Mon Jul 11, 2016

Kathy Crosett

In this news-heavy year with voter attention focused on politics and terrorism, media sales companies have an election2opportunity to boost revenue. The most recent State of the Media report from Pew Research highlights which media formats stand to maintain and gain revenue in the coming year. Local TV and podcasting are both looking good.

In a summary of key economic trends, Michael Barthel reports that newspaper ad revenue declined 8% between 2014 and 2015. The industry continues to consolidate as daily circulation falls. However, print remains important to those who read newspapers, accounting for just over 50% of total readership. Keep in mind that “36% of U.S. adults learned something about the election in the past week from a print newspaper.”

The picture is much brighter for local TV. While local TV ad revenue dropped between 2014 and 2015, this year will be a different story.  News programming now drives over 50% of local TV revenue. The demand for ads during these slots should be particularly high through early November, until the election cycle ends. The typical local TV station runs about 5.3 hours of weekday news, a trend which allows for plenty of ad time.

News-related podcasting continues to grow as consumers show interest in the format. Pew Research reports that just over 20% of folks aged 12+ have listened to podcasts. The mobile-friendly podcast format is particularly appealing to consumers who want something to listen to while on the go and news stories can fit into this niche. Advertising demand for podcasts is still small, $34 million, but media companies are experimenting with various models and revenue streams.

Media sales reps should be out selling all of their formats as we move closer to the general election period, and they should emphasize the interest consumers have in political and other hot topics in 2016.

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