Local TV Stations Experience Higher than Anticipated Ad Revenues!

Tue May 10, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

BIA/Kelsey forecasts U.S. local television station over-the-air advertising revenues to reach $20.8 billion in 2016, up 12.1 percent from 2015. Online local TV station ad revenues will grow to just over watchingtv3$1billion in 2016, up 13.3 percent over last year.

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This follows a down year for local TV OTA revenues in 2015, which dipped 7.2 percent compared with 2014.

“Perhaps no local media is enjoying this year’s protracted presidential primaries and the expected large number of Senate and gubernatorial races more than local television stations,” said Mark Fratrik, senior vice president and chief economist, BIA/Kelsey. “The election and the economy, driven by stronger employment figures and continuing low interest rates, are helping push local TV ad revenues above expectations this year.”

Revenue performance by local TV stations across the U.S. was generally consistent, with all regions set to rebound from a challenging 2015:

  • East: 7.9% decrease in revenues in 2015; 11.1% increase expected in 2016
  • Midwest: 7.2% decrease in revenues in 2015; 14.6% increase expected in 2016
  • South: 6.0% decrease in revenues in 2015; 12.6% increase expected in 2016
  • Southwest: 4.5% decrease in revenues in 2015; 8.4% increase expected in 2016
  • West: 9.6% decrease in revenues in 2015; 11.9% increase expected in 2016
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