LTO Lands Market Development Director More Business

Tue Feb 21, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Tractor store owner hesitant to use co-op      Tina Byrd 2nd Qtr

Market Development Director Tina Byrd jumped on a John Deere limited-time opportunity that she saw in her AdMall Minute. At Times Bulletin Media, Byrd reads and uses her AdMall Minute each morning to jump-start her sales day. When she saw an LTO for John Deere she thought she might just be able to persuade an advertiser – who only ran sponsorship ads in the Times Bulletin’s agriculture section – to branch out.

Solution: Email the advertiser about an LTO from the AdMall Minute

Byrd emailed the local John Deere tractor store with the LTO information and simply asked for the sale!

“Their corporate office is not in my town and we always communicate via email because that’s her preference,” Byrd explained.

The business owner wanted to use the co-op option and see if it was successful.

Result: Client tests out a half-page ad using co-op funds

“After sending this email, she got back with me and decided to run an ad in three of my papers for a total of $1,442.60!” Byrd relayed.

After the ½-page full-color ad ran in the Van Wert Times Bulletin, Delphos Herald and Paulding Progress, the client said she was happy with the results and MIGHT try again with another co-op opportunity in the future.

“I use my AdMall every single day,” Byrd said. “I have used AdMall now for a few months. I always learn something new in the webinars.”

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