Manager Winds Up Native Ad Campaign

Tue May 16, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Energy company facing public relations nightmare            

Sales Manager David Thornberry had a new advertiser looking at a potentially strong negative PR campaign that the company wished to overcome in 2017, and through 2019. The account is a wind farm that places wind turbines in the rural parts of the county and sells the electricity elsewhere. Thornberry, a 30-year media sales veteran – set a meeting with the potential advertiser knowing his Delphos Herald team could help. In fact, the PR director came for the meeting himself.

Solution: A Digital Audit and local intel stir up stats for presentation

After pulling in an AE, Thornberry used information from two sister counties and interest stats regarding energy and government. They started with the Local Account Intelligence Report for Utilities, then ended up in Electric Generation Companies. In preparing for the sales call, he also put a team on researching buying patterns and demographics of the zip codes the company was looking to reach for the sake of print ads.

“As with those other markets mentioned, this started with a maximum potential of one or two half or full page ads,” Thornberry said. “Once I was able to show and extrapolate specific details from the audit – even without the full questionnaire, this turned into a relationship and partnership. It was the info in the Digital Audit that left the door open.”

Result: A whirlwind of a print + digital campaign is purchased

The new advertiser agreed to $10,900 for the first 3 months. The use of the AdMall Digital Audit pushed them over the top from one ad, to a 3-month starting commitment. The energy company bought full- and half-page ads, plus, a native ad campaign followed soon after that complimented the program.

“That is the beautiful thing – THIS campaign runs [three months] only with the $11,000 spend. Then, we regroup and they continue to follow the areas that brought desired results. The PR campaign will go as far as 2019 and this account can go from $0 spend to a top advertiser,” Thornberry said.

He felt it was important to note that the PR director had been to other similar markets – ones without AdMall — and was given a price for a half- and full-page ad, and basically was sent on his way: no solutions, no continuance.

“We are now in a position to direct improving their Klout Score, their reputation scores, and desired profile in our market area,” Thornberry pointed out.

They agreed to a complimenting social media buy to change their Digital Audit as they break into the market at another $1,500 per month, which is ongoing. Utilizing the Delphos Herald’s website development services, they also built a landing page for volunteers that will track results and introduce them to the community because of the Herald team’s conversations.

“They took the recommendations to heart and built their campaign and support team from my presentations and meetings,” Thornberry said.

“I have had research departments at my disposal in the past. AdMall is just like having one at a fraction of the cost. There are gold gems of information that can be utilized in EVERY sales call and it is user-friendly within 10 seconds at any level. AdMall is to sales what coffee is to Monday.”

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