Market Development Director Scores New Client with AdMall Minute

Tue Jun 28, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Financial planner wants to hire 5 more agents     Tina Byrd

“I had been trying to get into this [financial planning] office in our town for a long time,” Market Development Director Tina Byrd explained. “I was never able to meet with them, so I tried the email approach. I sent them one of the Opportunities [from the AdMall Minute] one morning.”

She put her 9 years of selling media to work with a different tactic.

Solution: Use an industry trend from Media Sales Opportunities as an ice breaker

Byrd noticed an Audience Trend about the affluent and their anxiety over their financial health and investing, so she emailed the industry trend information to the financial planning office with a call to action and a reduced ad rate with Times Bulletin Media. She offered the prospect a ¼-page, full-color ad in the Times Bulletin any day in July, at the special rate of $180. She allowed them to run an unlimited amount of ads in July using this rate.

Result: Planning agency takes the bait and continues advertising

“They responded [to my email] with an ad!” Byrd said. “They ended up running this ad twice for a total of $360, which was awesome because I have never had any advertising money from them before. The best part of this story is that once they saw results in advertising, they are now a regular advertiser of mine.”

The local manager said he had several applicants and did hire one new agent. He mentioned never having as many applicants at one time, and therefore was happy with his investment. The office later ran ads in the Times Bulletin’s Convention and Visitors Bureau book for $139, and in the Enterprise/Progress edition for $395.

“I have used AdMall now for a few months. I always learn something new in [the] webinars. I use my AdMall every single day.”

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