Marketers to Buy Media Space Aligned with Brand-Safe Content

Thu Oct 12, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Brand equity takes a long time to establish. Yet in the space of a few minutes, the investment brand-safeyour clients have made can be eroded when their ads appear next to offensive or objectionable content. Marketers worry that digital media makes the safety of their brands particularly vulnerable as they can’t always control where their ads will appear.

Trusted Media Brands has released new research based on opinions of the Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus panel. These marketers told researchers they believe the following factors are impacted significantly or somewhat when they advertise in a brand-safe environment:

  • Audience quality 83%
  • Brand equity 82%
  • Brand lift 79%
  • Ad engagement 78%
  • ROI 77%

Advertisers expect their marketing investments to yield benefits such as ad engagement which leads to higher sales. In these cases, they can demonstrate a solid ROI. When advertisers purchase digital media, they worry about a number of factors. The following concerns are at the top of the list:

  • ROI
  • Viewability
  • Brand safety/premium content

Earlier this year, several advertisers boycotted YouTube after ads appeared adjacent to objectionable content. While the boycott may be over, the nervousness isn’t. Over half of marketers, 56%, have already taken steps to make sure their ads appear in favorable environments. Another 35% of marketers plan to take these steps in the future.

Here’s what your clients are watching out for in terms of brand safety:

  • Avoiding political sites
  • Blacklisting some channels
  • Avoiding sites with user-generated content
  • Using more private marketplaces

The good news is that 58% of marketers believe branded and news sites are safe for digital advertising. On the other hand, only 34% say the same for Facebook, and YouTube scores only 20%. Your media company probably established a well-earned reputation in the days when traditional formats ruled. Remind clients and prospects that you offer quality content online as well, and assure them that their brands are in safe hands when they buy your digital spots.

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