Match Your Communication Style to the Prospect’s Personality

Wed Sep 26, 2012

Jessica Helinski

You will come across a variety of personality types through your journey in the sales industry, and to be successful, you must be able to effectively communicate with, and sell to, these various personalities. If you find that you’re hitting a roadblock with a particular prospect, you may not be tailoring your communication style to the prospect’s type. Theresa Delgado blogs about four common personality types you may encounter and how to best communicate with each. For example, here’s her take on one type:


Expressives are exactly like the name implies, they like to express thoughts and feelings.

When meeting with this personality type, expect to spend the initial part of the meeting learning about what has recently been going on in their life. Here’s your opportunity to chit-chat.

To read about the other types, and how to identify them, click here.

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