Media AE Closes $24,000 Using Digital Audit Tool

Fri Nov 14, 2014

Faye Oney

If you ask lots of questions of prospective advertisers on your initial sales call, you will eventually uncover their real business needs. When Mitchell Laclair, account executive for the Daily Messenger in Canandaigua, NY, learned that his prospective client’s advertising needs were not marketing-related, but rather, recruitment-related, he quickly changed the course of his needs-analysis questions and secured a $24,000 sale.SSA-Laclair

Laclair’s client hadn’t advertised with his media company in years. The client is a global B2B business that makes glass panels for the automotive and other related industries. In his initial meeting with the client, Laclair began to use AdMall’s Diagnosis Call – a needs analysis tool that contains a set of industry-related questions – when the client told him they really needed to run help-wanted advertising.

“I had to adjust the questions to relate them to recruitment,” Laclair explained. “For example, I had to change one of the questions from ‘How far away do your customers come from?’ to ‘How far away do you recruit from?’ and ‘What industries do your employees come from?’”

Using AdMall’s Digital Audit, Laclair also showed his client some of the online display ads the company’s marketing department was running.

“I suggested that they incorporate the same creative in their recruitment advertising that they were using in their other advertising,” Laclair said, “in order to create a unified theme across the web.”

Laclair’s client will spend $2,000 a month for a one-year recruitment campaign, consisting of display ads, Google AdWords, and rich media ads – with 100% of the revenue coming from the company’s recruitment budget.

“I like using the Digital Audit, which shows what the advertiser has done in the past,” Laclair said. “It’s a pretty fast and efficient way to get information that makes you look like an industry specialist.”

Two AdMall reports to help you generate more sales

Diagnosis Call

The Diagnosis Call is a needs-analysis tool that provides 20 questions related to your prospect’s industry. The questions enable you to uncover business needs while learning more about your prospective advertiser’s business. You can use your tablet to conduct the Diagnosis Call directly from the AdMall mobile app. Once you’ve completed the Diagnosis Call with a prospect, the answers are retained so you can refer to them later. Watch this 15-second video for a brief look at some of the Diagnosis Call questions.

Digital Audit

The Digital Audit tool shows you which accounts have the most digital revenue potential. It performs a real-time data capture of your client’s or prospect’s online presence in less than a minute. The audit analyzes an advertiser’s activity and findability in digital advertising, local search, SEO, social media, and incoming web traffic. You can even compare your prospect’s use of digital to what their competitors are doing. To get a quick glance at the Digital Audit, watch this 15-second video.

Mitchell Laclair of Messenger Post Media is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2014

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