Media Companies Improving Native Advertising Services

Tue Jun 24, 2014

Kathy Crosett

More marketers see the promise of digital native advertising – the promotions that provide plenty of information and education while also influencing consumers to make a purchase.  advertorialPurch, a content provider, recently commissioned a study on native advertising and predicts marketers will significantly increase their investment in this format. But, as they seek to achieve specific ROI goals, shortcomings in the native advertising process are holding them back.

The Purch survey encompassed high-level decision makers at enterprises and agencies where the digital ad spend exceeds $1 million a year. The majority of these advertisers prefer to place their native content on the hosting site. In this way, the content merges well with editorial content on the site. To readers, this format may appear more natural than being sent to an off-site landing page to check out native advertising messages.

As the value of investment in native content rises, marketers are frustrated by the lack of feedback they’re getting from their media services providers. 46% complain about a lack of reporting. 36% are struggling with a mismatch between their marketing objectives and the campaign style. About 25% of marketers say that it takes too long to create and launch an ad campaign and would prefer more turnkey services.

The Purch survey also considered the attitudes of decision makers regarding programmatic ad buying. At least  42% of these ad buyers would like to purchase native ads through programmatic platforms in the near future, however,  that capability is not yet widely available.

If you’re selling digital services like native advertising or programmatic buying support, be sure to educate your clients on how your services will meet their needs in this growing sector.

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