Media Rep Gets $100k Sale + 100% of Major Client’s Annual Print Budget

Fri Nov 15, 2013

Faye Oney

When proposing an ad campaign to a major account, AdMall can be a crucial tool for getting insights on the company’s long-term marketing strategies. When a national quick-serve restaurant (QSR) gave local media companies in Pittsburgh an opportunity to pitch their media, Jim Busch dug in to the Major Account Intelligence Report for this company and conducted some background research.Jim-500x500

“Each media company was allotted a half hour to do their pitch,” he said. Being a veteran in the media business, Busch knew that his competitors would be talking about how great their media was. Busch decided to use the data in AdMall to share insights about the prospect’s industry, including its corporate marketing plans. According to the Major Account Intelligence Report, this QSR had been positioning itself as a beverage company, and Busch wanted to focus on marketing their beverages.

“I spent 20 of the 30 minutes talking about the Pittsburgh market, audience habits of eating out, and the tea-drinking audience,” Busch recalled. He only spent 5 minutes talking about his media, and left the remaining 5 minutes for questions.

Company officials were impressed. They had confirmed the accuracy of everything Busch included in his presentation. They gave Trib Total Media a commitment of $100,000, which included 100% of the print budget; “and the account is still growing,” says Busch.

Busch believes that AdMall is “instant expertise – one click and you know it all.” He especially likes to use the Major Account Intelligence Reports when pitching a local SMB – to show what the national competitors are doing. “AdMall takes the discussion away from price,” states Busch, “and turns it into a discussion about value. Once you educate people about advertising, they are willing to spend the money.”

Two AdMall reports you can use to score big with national accounts

If you’re an AdMall subscriber, you can access insights on nearly 1,400 national accounts and more than 700 audience types.

  • Major Account Intelligence Reports. Get more than Google search results with insights like annual sales, locations, anniversary dates, budgets, local advertising decision-makers, social media, and sales/marketing opportunities. Watch this 6-second video to learn how to access these reports.
  • Audience Intelligence Reports. There are 744 Audience Intelligence Reports in AdMall to educate your prospects on the psychographics of their audiences. These reports go beyond demographics to illustrate the likely targets for your prospect’s services; and include information such as purchase intent, attitudes about advertising and media, and other psychographics. Watch this 6-second video to see a partial list of these reports.

Sharing data from AdMall with your prospective advertisers shows them you conducted more than just a Google search on their business; and will separate you from the other media sellers who are competing for the same business.

Have you had a recent success using the reports in AdMall? Share your story and you could qualify for a Sell Smarter Award!

Jim Busch of Trib Total Media is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2013.


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