Media Rep Secures $2,000/Month in New Business from Maid Services Client

Fri Mar 21, 2014

Faye Oney

Many SMB owners tend to be suspicious of research that media salespeople share from their specific media. They believe that most of it is skewed to favor their media. That’s why advertising executive Kiersten Van Haute shares business intelligence from AdMall with her prospects.SSA-VanHaute

Since she started with Comcast Spotlight, Van Haute has been using AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports in her initial meetings with prospective advertisers.

“Clients see more validity in research that’s from a 3rd party,” she explained.

When Van Haute secured an appointment with a maid services company, she studied the Local Account Intelligence Report for Cleaning/Janitorial/Maid Services, which included information about the Maid Service Shopper audience. She learned who their target customers are, what types of services they offer, and other important information about the industry. During her appointment she shared psychographic data about the target customers with the owner.

“I also shared information about what media her audience responds to,” Van Haute said. “TV was number one on the list.”

Van Haute also showed her prospect that coupons tended to generate a big response from the target audience – another data nugget she pulled from the report. Her customer was impressed with the information.

The maid service began a 3-month campaign with Van Haute, spending $1,000/month. The campaign results were so good that the client extended the campaign another 2 months. They gradually added online to their TV campaign and will increase their spend to $2,000/month. Van Haute attributes her success to AdMall.

“This client loved that the research didn’t come from our company,” she said. “AdMall makes it easy to explain information to clients and prospects; and it’s easy for them to understand.”

Two AdMall reports to make you look like an expert

If you’re an AdMall client, you don’t have to waste time on Google searches to learn about your prospective advertiser’s industry.

Local Account Intelligence. According to a recent Ad-ology survey of small businesses, 64.2% of SMBs said “Knows my company/line of business” is the most important attribute in a media sales rep. AdMall has more than 400 Local Account Intelligence Reports for you to “get smart fast.” To view some of the data in the report that Van Haute used, watch this 15-second video.

Audience Intelligence. The Ad-ology survey also found that 51.1% of SMB owners said “Knows my customers” was the second most important attribute in a media sales rep. AdMall has 800+ Audience Intelligence Reports for you to review and share with your clients and prospects. To view one of the audience reports Van Haute shared with her new client, watch this 15-second video.

Local business owners want media salespeople who are more interested in their business than making a sale. What are you doing to show your prospect you’ve done your homework?

Kiersten Van Haute of Comcast Spotlight is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 4th quarter, 2013.


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