Media Rep Sells $16,000 in Digital Advertising to Loyal Print Advertiser

Fri Feb 14, 2014

Faye Oney

Showing a small business owner that you have educated yourself on his or her industry can eventually lead to a big sale. Lorna Washington, account executive for The News-Press in Ft. Myers, FL closed $16,000 in digital advertising by using AdMall tools to educate her advertiser – a small local company that sells and installs blinds and window treatments.SSA-Washington

Washington’s client had been a loyal newspaper advertiser for 20 years. This challenging client still clung to “old school” marketing. “The company is a small mom and pop store that had always done print campaigns,” Washington explained. “The owner doesn’t like change. It was difficult to convince her of the importance of being online.”

Using AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report for Window Coverings Stores in her local market, Washington shared psychographic data on the target audience’s interests and activities with her client. She also pulled data about how much was being spent on window treatments in the local market area; as well as what her client’s national competitors were spending online to reach the local market. Washington discovered that there was a secondary demand in her local market for window blind repairs.

“When I conducted a Google search of her business type in front of her, all of these national competitors came up,” Washington recalled. “That was a real eye-opener for her. She told me, ‘I want it all,’ (customer spend).”

Washington’s client is getting great results from her online campaign – especially from out-of-state customers who have winter homes in Florida. Washington attributes her success to AdMall – specifically the Local Account Intelligence Reports, Audience Intelligence Reports, and Consumer Spending Reports.  Her client gets calls from other media sellers, but is loyal to Washington.

“AdMall gives me the ammunition to educate my clients about their audience and consumer spending in the local market.”

How to use AdMall tools to close more sales

If you’re an AdMall subscriber, you have an advantage over other media sellers in your market. Use AdMall’s tools to:

Learn about your advertiser’s industry

Search the database of Local Account Intelligence Reports to find your advertiser’s industry. Sharing this information in a presentation will show your prospect/client that you’ve done your homework. Watch this 15-second video to see how to access the report Washington used.

Learn about your advertiser’s target audience

If you don’t know your prospect’s audience – especially their media usage – you won’t be in a position to provide a viable solution. Towards the end of the “Know Their Customers” section of each Local Account Intelligence Report is a list of potential audiences. Use these reports to study the psychographics of your prospective advertisers’ audiences. Watch this 15-second video to see how to access intelligence on audiences associated with window coverings stores.

Learn about market spending on your advertiser’s products

The Consumer Spending Reports in AdMall will provide you with an overview of where your advertisers’ best prospective customers are located.  Watch this 15-second video to see how to access the Consumer Spending Reports.

Are you using all the tools available to you to help increase your sales?

Lorna Washington of The News-Press is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for 4th quarter, 2013.

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