Media Rep Uses AdMall Data to Increase Client’s Spending by 400%

Fri Apr 11, 2014

Faye Oney

Timing can be everything when it comes to reading the AdMall Minute. The AdMall Minute, a daily email that is sent to AdMall subscribers, contains trend insights, sales tips, co-op ad plan details, and other advertising information. Subscribers who regularly read this email report that the AdMall Minute is helping them boost sales.SSA-Gable

Amy Gable, advanced advertising manager for Viamedia, had been trying to convince her ophthalmologist client to spend more money with her cable station. The client, a traditional advertiser, was used to doing the “same thing every year.” They had been spending approximately $200 each month on a couple of Viamedia’s networks.

“The majority of ad budgets typically go to local broadcast,” Gable said. “A lot of the time cable gets the leftovers.”

Gable read an article in the AdMall Minute about ophthalmologists, which contained information on industry trends and other important research. She shared the article with the client’s media buyer and other contacts at the ophthalmologist’s in-house agency.

The client appreciated the information Gable shared with them. They signed up with Viamedia for two years in a row – increasing their annual spending from $2,400 to $12,000. They plan to run more spots on various networks during the campaign.

“Most of their business with me was month-to-month,” Gable added. “She saw that I had brought her a good resource; which was why they increased their spending.”

Gable reads the AdMall Minute first thing every day to stay on top of trends. “It’s surprising how much you can learn from it. You have that information in your back pocket, and are ready to use it when the opportunity arises.”

3 AdMall tools that can help you sell smarter in the health care category

Local Account Intelligence

Instead of wasting time sifting through the credible vs. inaccurate information online, start your research in AdMall’s database of more than 50 Local Account Intelligence Reports that focus on the health care category. In addition to industry data, these reports include media sales opportunities, annual sales per location, top product categories, market sales potential, approximate annual ad budgets, typical customer demographics, and more. Studying the data from these reports will enable you to ask more informed questions in your needs analysis, as well as show your advertiser you’ve done your homework. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access a Local Account Intelligence Report in AdMall.

Healthcare Needs database

Where are the consumers who are in need of your prospect’s health care services? In seconds you can find out which zip codes have the highest population of consumers with vision trouble in your market, for example. In AdMall’s Market Intelligence database, you can discover the zip codes which contain the highest populations for nearly 170 health conditions. This 15-second video shows you how to access a report from the Healthcare Needs database.

Event Marketing Intelligence database

No, I’m not kidding. Did you know there are 11 health-related events in June alone – including Cancer from the Sun Month, National Headache Awareness Week, and National Men’s Health Week? Every month, AdMall’s Event Marketing database makes it easy to start the conversation with a prospect. You can take a quick glance of some of the opportunities in the Events database by watching this 15-second video.

What other tools do you use to help you look like a marketing consultant in the health care category?

Amy Gable of Viamedia is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 1st quarter, 2014

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