Media Sales Mobile

Introducing the Media Sales Mobile app, designed specifically for media advertising sales professionals. Media Sales Mobile features advertising opportunities, local prospect lists and nearby demographics, consultative sales tips and conversation starters.

The app also features news, trends and forecasts for advertising, digital media, broadcast and cable TV, radio, newspaper, and outdoor media.

“Time is money, and media account executives need resources that magnify their productivity – especially away from the office,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of AdMall. “This free app delivers audience demographics and sales prospects within a 7-mile radius of where they are standing,” Smith said.

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Media Sales Mobile includes consultative media sales tips, the latest insights from Media Sales Today and other sales consultants and a video section featuring Media Sales Monthly from AdMall and Advertising Smarter videos from Ad-ology Research.

Your current location drives local prospect lists for top local advertising categories and provides detailed demographics of the area, plus weather and traffic conditions.

From the Media Sales menu, access information on local top prospects by industry and local demographics, a glossary of Media+Marketing terms, and the latest insights from Media Sales Today.

The Media News section includes advertising industry news, advertising trends+forecasts, the latest Digital Media and Mass Media news .

Whenever you are waiting to see your next appointment, pull up Media Sales Mobile for up-to-the-minute insights+ideas.

The Media Sales Mobile app is now available for:

  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad free through the Apple iTunes store
  • Google Android devices in the Finance section of the Android Market
  • Recent BlackBerry devices through the BlackBerry App World