Media Sales Rep Generates $5,000 and Client Credibility Using AdMall Research

Fri Aug 23, 2013

Faye Oney

During those rare times when a potential advertiser calls out of the blue and wants prices on advertising, it would be easy to throw out a quote without even getting to know the prospect’s business. In these cases, Susan McCauley, marketing executive for the Kokomo Tribune, heads straight for AdMall to conduct research, rather than taking the easy way.Kokomotribune

McCauley recently got a call from an investment broker who was interested in advertising. “If I don’t know a lot about the prospect’s business, I go into AdMall to find out more about the industry,” she said. “For example –  data about who they market to, where their market is, and where their customers are, is helpful for me in learning about their business.”

After studying the Local Account Intelligence Report for Investment/Securities Firms, McCauley gathered data from the Audience Intelligence Report for Investment Opportunity Seekers to learn about the audience her prospect wanted to target.

She compiled the data into a presentation, and shared the information with him. “I had five or six pages of data from AdMall about the industry – trends, challenges, who they market to, where their customers are, target demographics, etc.,” she said.

Her prospect was impressed. “He said I was spot on about everything.” The investment broker scheduled a multimedia campaign with McCauley consisting of print, banner ads, and mobile – spending between $2,000-$5,000 over a 3-month period.

McCauley especially likes the Local Account Intelligence reports because, as she puts it, “AdMall makes me feel a lot smarter than what I am!” She likes to learn about her clients’ industries and prospects so she can ask more informed questions when she meets with them.

“It impresses them that I took the time to learn about their business and that I’m not just selling an ad. It really helps in building relationships,” she added.

Did you know that AdMall has industry research on 426 local account categories and 744 audiences?

To access the Local Account Intelligence Reports in AdMall

  • If your preferences are set to Local Account Opportunities, choose “All 426 Local Account Types” from the Prospecting Dashboard. You can also access this from the AdMall directory.
  • Choose a business category from the drop-down menu
  • Choose a business type from the next drop-down menu
  • Select your market type and metro market
  • View the report

How to access the Audience Intelligence Reports in AdMall

  • From the Prospecting Dashboard, select All 744 Audience Types under Prospect by Audience.
  • Select your media type from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the audience category from the 2nd drop-down menu
  • Select a specific audience from the 3rd drop-down menu
  • View the report

Susan McCauley of the Kokomo Tribune is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2013.


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