Media Sales Rep Prospects for Local Dentists, Signs $56,000 Annual Contract

Fri Oct 11, 2013

Faye Oney

Shelly Trisler loves to cold call on new business prospects. As the local media salesperson for Clipper Magazine, she was on a mission to find new advertisers, specifically in the dental category.

Trisler has been an AdMall user for more than 7 years, starting with her previous job at Valpak. So she already knew how to mine AdMall for important information when she started selling for Clipper Magazine in her local area.

She recently called on a dentist she found using the Local Account Locator feature in AdMall. “I pulled a list of prospects under the dental category within a certain radius,” she explained. “I did get an appointment with one of them; but she told me she only had 5 minutes to meet with me.”dentist

Prior to the appointment, Trisler pulled a Local Account Intelligence Report on the dental industry, along with information on what other dentists were doing in the local market. “She gave me a $56,000 annual contract for her three locations,” said Trisler. “She is now my largest account.” Her client’s spending included full pages in the Clipper Magazine, an online offer website, and email marketing.

Trisler’s favorite part of AdMall is the Local Account Locator, where you can find prospects in specific zip codes. “You can import them into a spreadsheet and track your progress with them,” she said. She also uses the Co-op Intelligence Reports and the Diagnosis Call. “AdMall is a great service,” she said, “because it allows you to generate new business.”

Target dentists and orthodontists using these AdMall reports

Are you targeting local dentists for advertising? If you’re an AdMall subscriber, here are some suggested reports you can share with prospects in this category to start the conversation.

  • Local Account Intelligence Report for Dentists and Orthodontists. This report is full of data such as industry challenges, annual sales, market sales potential, ad budgets, competitive spending, and more. Watch this 6-second video to see how to access this report.
  • Audience Intelligence Report for Likely Dental Patients. This report goes beyond demographics to illustrate who the likely targets are for your prospect’s services. Information such as purchase intent, attitudes about advertising and media, and other psychographics will help to educate your prospective advertiser. Watch this 6-second video to see where to find this report.
  • Healthcare needs database. Where is your prospect’s target audience located? AdMall’s Healthcare Needs database offers estimates down to the zip code level of consumers who have various health-related conditions. There are 6 dental reports in this database – watch this 6-second video to see how to access it.

You now have the information you need to start the conversation and “warm up” a prospect. By sharing this information with prospective advertisers, you will differentiate yourself from other media sellers by showing that you took the time to research their industry.

What kind of success have you had in generating new business using AdMall’s reports? Share your story and you could qualify for a Sell Smarter Award!

Shelly Trisler of Clipper Magazine is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2013.

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