Media Sales Rep Scores $11k in Digital Advertising from Loyal Print Client

Fri Dec 13, 2013

Faye Oney

It can sometimes be difficult to convince loyal print advertisers to embrace digital advertising. Lindsay Ortiz, media sales specialist for the Desert Sun, had one such client. The Palm Springs Air Museum had been getting good results with the print campaigns Ortiz had sold them. But, they were hesitant about spending advertising dollars online.

“They were very skeptical about online marketing,” Ortiz recalled.  “But they wanted to start tracking their sales, so online was where they needed to be.”Sell Smarter Award-Small-generic

Ortiz turned to AdMall to search for some stats that would convince her client to devote more resources to their online efforts. She reviewed the Local Account Intelligence Report for Museums and found some data showing percentages of consumers who respond to online advertising. Ortiz also used the Audience Intelligence Report – Likely Museum Visitors – to paint a picture of the type of audience the museum was looking to attract, including demographics and psychographic information.

Using AdMall PRO (AdMall’s upgrade), Ortiz created a zip code map to illustrate where the museum’s target audience lived. She also used the AdMall PRO calendar to map out her proposed campaign schedule. Her client was impressed with the data, and chose to implement her recommendations.

The museum plans to spend more than $48,000 for an annual campaign with Ortiz, with $11,000 of that in digital. The campaign includes print, online banner ads and daily deals; and Ortiz is currently discussing social media options with her client.

In addition to the Local Account Intelligence and the Audience Intelligence reports, Ortiz likes to read the daily AdMall Minute for ideas on whom to target. She especially likes using the calendar in AdMall PRO. “It’s easy for clients to read and know what they’re running every month.”

Three AdMall tools to help you close more business with your advertisers

1. Local Account Intelligence. In a recent Ad-ology survey of SMB owners, 88.3% said they believe “If you don’t know my business, you can’t know which advertising is right for my business.” AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports provide media sellers with industry data on more than 400 local account types. These reports include selling opportunities, industry backgrounds, opportunities/challenges, market sales potential, annual budgets, target customers and more. Watch this 15-second video to see a sample of these reports.

2. Audience Intelligence. When asked what influenced the type of media they buy, SMB owners said “where their best prospects are located” (43%) and “audience reached/ratings” (37%). AdMall’s Audience Intelligence Reports include not only demographics, but psychographics, media usage, shopping behavior, and purchase intent. You can use this information to learn about your advertiser’s audience and then craft a proposal. Watch this 6-second video to see a sample list of these reports.

3. Thematic Mapping (AdMall PRO). Where are your advertiser’s best customers located? By including a demographic or consumer spending map in your presentation, you can show your advertiser specific areas of the local market they need to target, using your media. Watch this 6-second video to see how many different kinds of maps you can create in AdMall PRO.

Are you getting your share of the local ad dollars in your market? As media sales continues to get more competitive, familiarize yourself with the selling tools you have at your disposal, so you’ll look more like a consultant – and less like a salesperson.

What other tools do you use to help you become more successful in media sales?

Lindsay Ortiz of The Desert Sun is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 4th quarter, 2013.

[Source: 2013 Ad-ology Small Business Marketing Forecast.]



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