Media Salesperson Closes $54,000 from Local Solar Panel Company

Fri Jan 17, 2014

Faye Oney

It took approximately one year for Ariana Rubio, marketing specialist for KEYT-TV, to get an appointment with the owner of a business that installs solar panels. After that, her new client only spent $5,000 over the course of the next three years.SSA-Rubio

“He wasn’t consistent,” Rubio said. “And he didn’t have a lot of drive to keep his advertising going.”

When her company was sold to another media company that was already an AdMall PRO subscriber, one of the first proposals Rubio put together was for her solar panel installation client. Rubio included several graphics from the Local Account Intelligence Report for Alternative Energy Solutions Providers in her category presentation. She also included information on industry trends, peak months for sales, and consumer spending data about how much money consumers were spending on solar panels.

“I shared research that showed that TV was the number one media people took action from after seeing an ad,” Rubio said. “I told him he could easily get his fair share of the market.”

Her client was so impressed with the data Rubio brought to him that he started out with a $48,000 spend on his initial campaign for the year. He gradually increased his spending to $54,000. The campaign included a weather sponsorship, TV advertising, and a local promotion. The client also allocated some of his budget to another station that KEYT owns. The campaign has been generating a big response.

Rubio stays in touch with her client by emailing him articles on renewable energy and anything related to the green industry.

“He knows I’m constantly thinking about his business,” she said. “There are a lot of  (media sellers) calling on him, but he is completely loyal to me because I did my research on him and his industry. I also go out of my way to send him relevant information I find in AdMall.”

How to find supporting research in AdMall to add credibility to your sales efforts

Know their industry

Use the Local Account Intelligence Reports to educate yourself on the industry. To access them quickly, use the Get Smart Fast menu in the Directory. Watch this 15-second video to see the report Rubio used for her presentation.

Know their customers

Within the Local Account Intelligence Report you can shoot down to the “Know their customers” section to find out more about their target audience. Below that you’ll find links to other “Potential Audiences” that will take you directly to a specific Audience Intelligence Report. Watch this 15-second video to learn more.

Today, media sales involves more than pitching your product. What are you doing to  stay credible with your advertisers?

Ariana Rubio of KEYT-TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 4th quarter, 2013.

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