Media Salesperson Doubles Cemetery Client Spending

Fri Jun 20, 2014

Faye Oney

Any salesperson will tell you it takes time to build relationships with prospects in order to turn them into clients. In his first month on the job as a multimedia sales consultant for The Record Courier in Kent, Ohio, Tim Ritley stopped in at a cemetery that hadn’t advertised with his media company since last year. Though he was new to his job and AdMall, Ritley understood it was important to conduct a needs-assessment in that first meeting. He used questions from AdMall’s Diagnosis Call to learn more about his client.Tim Ritley (right) & mgr Joe Gasper

“From that meeting I learned a lot about how their industry was changing, and how they reach their customers,” Ritley recalled.

When he went back to AdMall to search for data on the cemetery industry, he could only find a Local Account Intelligence Report on Funeral Homes & Cemeteries.

“The report was tailored mainly for funeral homes, and much of it wasn’t relevant to cemeteries,” Ritley said.

He contacted AdMall to see if a cemetery-specific report could be prepared for him to use. Within a couple of days he had access to a Local Account Intelligence Report for Cemeteries.

Ritley pulled together helpful information for his client, including industry background, annual sales, total industry ad spending, and competitive information. Ritley combined this research with his own ideas on how his newspaper could reach the cemetery’s target audience. His research and efforts paid off.

“They gave me a commitment of $5,000 for the year, which was double what they did the previous year,” Ritley said. “They knew I wasn’t making up this data (in the presentation) because it didn’t come from our company.” The cemetery is starting out with a print campaign, and will eventually move into digital.

Ritley always uses the Diagnosis Call when he visits a prospect for the first time. He likes to study the Local Account Intelligence Reports to learn more about a specific industry.

“AdMall is one of those tools that once you see the benefits of it, you use it more. It’s also been very helpful in providing ideas. I’m looking forward to learning more of its capabilities.”

Two AdMall reports to help you get in the door with your prospective advertisers

Diagnosis Call

The Diagnosis Call tool allows you to conduct an in-depth needs analysis with your client or prospect. This is a great way to uncover hidden business needs and learn more about your prospective advertiser using the 20 questions provided. If you use a tablet, you can conduct the Diagnosis Call directly through the AdMall mobile app. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access the Diagnosis Call tool.

Local Account Intelligence Report

Ritley studied the Local Account Intelligence Report for Cemeteries to educate himself and his client on the industry. The report includes detailed information like industry background, opportunities/challenges, peak sales months, top product categories, ad budgets, and a whole slew of sales tips. Watch this 15-second video to find out how to access this report.

Tim Ritley of The Record-Courier is one of the Sell Smarter Award Recipients for the 1st quarter, 2014.

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