Media Salesperson Generates $8,000 from New Advertiser During AdMall Trial

Fri Oct 25, 2013

Faye Oney

Some media sellers experience success even before they become official AdMall clients. Such was the case for Dave Farshing, who generated $8,000 in new business during his AdMall trial period. (Media companies who aren’t current AdMall clients can “try out” AdMall for a limited time period.)Sell Smarter Award-Small

Farshing had been talking to a local high-end vacuum cleaner dealer for a couple of months about some advertising packages that his TV station offered.

“The only research we had was Media Audit,” he explained. “So I was limited as far as the questions and other data they had.”

When his media company signed on for an AdMall trial, Farshing took the opportunity to learn everything he could. He located information about vacuum cleaner shops from the Local Account Intelligence Reports. He also pulled data from the Audience Intelligence reports, including demographics of vacuum cleaner consumers and purchase considerations. The owner was impressed with Farshing’s presentation.

“She liked the fact that I went a couple extra steps to research her industry,” he said. His client’s campaign included TV spots, along with a banner on WXLW’s website. The client was so pleased with the campaign results, she renewed her contract.

Farshing is looking forward to learning more about AdMall’s capabilities.

“This was my signature sale,” he said, “and I can attribute a good part of this to the AdMall research.”

Two AdMall reports you can use to make you look like a media consultant

Are you targeting local businesses for advertising? If so, AdMall’s databases and research reports can help you in your sales efforts. As an AdMall subscriber, you can share the following reports with SMB prospects to show them you care more about their business than your sales goals.

Local Account Intelligence Reports. There are 425 intelligence reports for local-direct accounts in this database. These reports are packed with data such as industry challenges, annual sales, market sales potential, ad budgets, competitive spending, and more. Watch this 15-second video to get a peek at the list of reports.

Audience Intelligence Reports. AdMall contains 744 Audience Intelligence Reports to educate your prospects on the psychographics of their audiences. These reports go beyond demographics to illustrate who the likely targets are for your prospect’s services; and include information such as purchase intent, attitudes about advertising and media, and other psychographics. Watch this 6-second video to see a partial list of these reports.

Use the information you need from AdMall to get your foot in the door with a prospect. When you share this type of information with prospective advertisers, you will look more like a consultant, and less like a salesperson.

Have you had a recent success using the reports in AdMall? Share your story and you could qualify for a Sell Smarter Award!

Dave Farshing of WMYV-WXLV TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2013.

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