Media Seller Increases Client Spend by 88%

Fri Aug 8, 2014

Faye Oney

Nor Randall, account executive for Time Warner Cable, believes that constantly educating her clients about their industries and target audiences can lead to gradual sales increases over time. This consultative approach enabled her to take one client’s spending from $25,000 to $47,000 in less than 3 years.SSA-Randall

Randall had been working with a funeral home client in the Greensboro, NC market for nearly 4 years. The funeral home is a family-owned business, with 15-20 locations, several of which are in the Greensboro market.

When Randall first started working with the client, she shared data from AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report for Funeral Homes & Cemeteries. She also shared relevant psychographics from the Audience Intelligence Report for Likely Funeral/Final Expense Purchasers with him.

Over the course of 3 years, Randall continued to update her client and bring helpful information to his attention. For example, she showed the client AdMall’s Market Demographics Report matched to the demos of the target audience and locations of his funeral homes.

AdMall is a great learning tool that allows you to have a deeper conversation about a client’s business,” she says.

Randall’s client initially spent $25,000 annually with Time Warner. The following year he increased his spending to $30,000. Randall now has the client up to $47,000 and the account is still growing. Their campaign consists of spots on the news, high-profile sports, behavioral targeting, and pre-roll videos. Her client is getting great results.

Randall also likes to use the Co-op Reports to help her clients get more ad dollars for their campaigns.

“You can get any type of information about any industry with AdMall – whether it’s industry, geography, or their prospects,” Randall said. “AdMall helps you build a better relationship with your clients.”

AdMall’s business intelligence makes you a consultant

Instead of pitching her many products like most media sellers, Randall takes the consultative approach. If you’re a client, you can use AdMall’s many tools to become more successful.

Local Account Intelligence

AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports contain a wealth of information pertinent to your advertiser’s industry. You’ll find information such as industry background, opportunities and challenges, annual sales per locations, peak sales months, typical ad budgets, and more. These reports show your advertisers that you’ve done your homework on their industry, and they’re sourced from reputable third-party research. Learn how to access these reports in this 15-second video.

Audience Intelligence

AdMall’s Audience Intelligence Reports help your advertisers learn more about their prospective customers. In addition to demographics, these reports contain data such as shopping behavior, psychographics, media usage and other information to help your advertisers target their audiences more effectively. Watch this 15-second video to learn how to access the reports.

Nor Randall of Time Warner Cable is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2014


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