Michiana Saver Proves Event Marketing Works

Tue Jun 6, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: A new zoo staffer wanted to try different advertising          

For several months, Tim Walton had been pounding the pavement to gain new business with his local zoo in South Bend, Ind. He’d been meeting with different decision makers within the marketing, membership and events departments. He was certain Michiana Saver/Great Deals Magazine could work for them, but he needed a little something extra to stand out among the competition.

“The events marketing person wanted to try a new approach to what had always been done to promote their events,” Walton explained. “She felt their previous marketing was stagnant.”

Solution: AdMall was just the something extra Walton needed!

In his presentation to the zoo’s marketing team, he referred to the AudienceSCAN data highlighting which media Zoo Patrons react to, as well as the Value of a New Customer insights. AdMall’s research showed a direct mail piece/coupon was the second-best way to influence a customer to visit a zoo. The zoo had been relying on outdoor advertising – to which they devote much of their budget. Walton showed them OOH ranked far down the list of effective media for Zoo Patrons.

“This research helped confirm the new marketing person’s beliefs,” Walton relayed proudly. “And [it] helped provide an opening for them to use us this fall.”

Result: Walton secured a $12,000 direct mail campaign for the 4th quarter!

The Zoo BREW event had the largest attendance yet, and the zoo saw an increase in calls for tickets the week the magazine delivered. The ZOO BOO three-day event attendance increased from the previous year too. And that was on top of Friday being a “wash out” due to rain, Walton’s new clients were happy to point out to him.

“It’s worked so well we are discussing an annual campaign which should land between $12,000 and $20,000,” Walton reported.

“My favorite thing about AdMall is co-op research and what the average new customer spends.”

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