Mid-roll Video Impressions Grew 110% in 2016

Tue Nov 22, 2016

Kathy Crosett

Is your organization selling mid-roll video ad space? A new study from Ooyala.com highlights the growing computer womanimportance of the mid-roll video ad format. Here’s what you need to know.

Earlier this year, Ooyala analysts reviewed types of video ads being placed in premium publisher space. For the top 50 publishers included in the Ooyala study, the breakout of video ad placements by type looked like this in April 2016:

  • Post-roll 7%
  • Mid-roll 33%
  • Pre-roll 60%

Online content consumers have been accustomed to watching a pre-roll ad before they can access what they want. Advertisers were heavily using the pre-roll format in early 2015. About 75% of all digital video ad placements were pre-roll. Not surprisingly, some consumers weren’t thrilled with the process. For many folks, encountering a pre-roll video ad was enough to make them search for another site. This trend prompted advertisers and media companies to make a few changes.

The biggest change for many premium publishers is a 110% increase in mid-roll video placements. The current strategy is to hook viewers with engaging content and then present them with a mid-roll video. Research suggests that this strategy is working. For one thing, mid-roll video placement is very familiar to video viewers. Seeing an ad in the middle of a content stream reminds them of watching TV. Researchers cite a study from Akamai and the University of Massachusetts which found consumers are five times more likely to leave a pre-roll than a mid-roll video.

The Ooyala.com numbers seems to support this finding. Here are the average completion rates for various types of video ads:

  • Post-roll 65%
  • Mid-roll 90%
  • Pre-roll 78%

If your organization hasn’t made mid-roll videos a priority, now is the time. Reps can boost sales to marketers once the clients understand the powerful retention a mid-roll video can yield.

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