Mobile: Fast-Paced Advertising for Fast-Paced Consumers

Wed Jun 21, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Have you ever stopped to think about why smartphones are so popular? It’s likely because they give us the freedom that other forms of entertainment don’t. That is, while we’re captive through the commercials aired on television and through the radio, we have the power to close out of the page we’re on or skip advertising in mere seconds using mobile.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Facebook, consumers even use mobile as an escape from unrelenting TV ads. By tracking the activity of 537 users who posted that they were watching the season premiere of a show, Facebook found that their activity on the site went up during every single commercial break.

Mark Rabkin, the VP of Core Ads for Facebook, and his article, “New Medium, New Rules: Video Advertising in the Mobile Age,” grants some insight into how consumers behave using social media. He writes that people scroll through the general news feed 41% faster on their phones than when they’re using their desktops and they only watch autoplay video for an average of 16.7 seconds, while video ads only hold their attention for an average of 5.7 seconds.

Rabkin claims that this information can teach advertisers quite a bit about consumer behavior. “Mobile has trained people to focus, choose what’s relevant, consume what matters and move on,” he says. That’s the challenge for today’s mobile advertisers: making the most relevant ads possible for the audience. Gone are the days of an ensured captive audience. While TV gives your clients the ability to use old advertising tactics, they need to realize that the same techniques won’t necessarily work on mobile.

To succeed as mobile advertisers, your clients need to conduct more research, according to a few of Facebook’s successful advertisers. Remember, the average viewing on mobile is only 5.7 seconds. You need to make those count, and research is the easiest way to learn what works. Facebook’s advertisers suggest using organic content viewers enjoy, testing new ideas on a weekly basis, focusing on overall results and not just the viewing time, and keeping consumer expectations in mind when it comes to the average length of viewing.



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