Multi-Media Consultant Motivates Client to Spend $7,700

Tue Apr 4, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Owner stonewalls advertising beyond seasonal events             stojakovich

Diane Stojakovich had a unique retailer she wanted to upsell. The business only sells concrete pieces, such as planters, benches, urns, birdbaths and fountains. These pieces are handmade on site at the family-owned business and each is a one-of-kind piece. The owner typically only advertises for his two annual sales, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Solution: Research consumer spending in related categories to chip away at misconception

Stojakovich focused on consumer spending data to upsell her yard ornament dealer for The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington. She utilized AdMall’s consumer spending information under three categories: Lawn and Garden, Stone Cutters and Garden Centers, and she researched the peak months for landscaping.

“His business does not exactly fall into landscaping but because I felt those interested in landscaping would also be interested in his products as they are hand-crafted stone urns, benches, fountains, fire pits etc.,” Stojakovich explained.

She used her consultative sales approach and 8 years of media sales experience to guide him in a better direction.

“I spoke with [the owner] about the importance of staying in front of his customer base during peak months, and that using the in and out approach was not going to give him the ROI he was looking for. That he would certainly get customers in for these events, but then what? I assured him that the online approach that we currently use is much more effective than it has ever been, that we can target specifically those that would be interested, have shown an interest in his type of merchandise, thus virtually eliminating wasted impressions. In so doing, I was able to show the client that his peak months encompass Memorial Day THROUGH Labor Day — and that consumers do research and get ideas online prior to making a purchase for their landscaping.”

Result: Secure a print and online contract that is a $3,000 increase over last year’s spend

“He was very pleased with the proposal and signed the contract.”

The advertiser ran 20 full-color print ads in multiple publications twice. Ten of them ran for their annual Memorial Day sale and ten ran for their annual Labor Day sale.

“They ran ads that were 3 columns, which is an increase from the 2-column ads that they ran in the past.”

Along with the print campaigns in The News Tribune, The Olympian, Peninsula Gateway and the Northwest Guardian, they ran a $1,000 per month budget-based programmatic online campaign. These online ads targeted those interested in landscaping, home improvement, curb appeal, container gardening and the like. The News Tribune changed the online creative three times between May and September.

“They usually only advertise for the two events. Now they’re running more ads and bigger ads than in the past!”

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