Multimedia Sales Rep Uses AdMall PRO to Boost Revenue by $15,000

Fri Jul 18, 2014

Faye Oney

AdMall PRO’s presentation generator key to upselling multiple clients

It’s logical to think that salespeople who have tools to quickly generate presentations for advertisers will have more time to prospect for new business. That’s how Guy Mathews, multimedia sales executive for The Wayne Independent in Honesdale, PA, sees it.SSA-Mathews

Earlier this year, Mathews returned a phone call from a plumbing contractor who had initially called the classified advertising department, wanting to run a small line ad in the newspaper.

“He was looking to expand his business, and I knew he needed to do more than a classified ad,” Mathews said.

Mathews emailed an AdMall Diagnosis Call form to the prospect. He learned that the plumbing contractor also provided home repair services, roofing and other general construction work. He also discovered the prospect did not have a website.

Using AdMall PRO’s category presentation tool, Mathews quickly put together helpful data for his prospect. The information from the Local Account Intelligence Report for General Contractors showed opportunities and challenges for the industry. His prospect – now new client – was impressed enough to commit to an annual spend of $2,145 that included a website, splash page, hosting, maintenance, plus display ads in two newspapers – a far cry from the couple of hundred dollars the client originally intended to spend.

Mathews attributes much of his success to AdMall PRO’s presentation tool. He creates presentations on his iPad using the Air Display app; then hands the iPad to his prospects so they can follow along while he conducts the presentation from his laptop. “PowerPoint always took hours,” he recalled. “The AdMall presentation generator was great!”

Using AdMall PRO alone, Mathews has generated an additional $15,000 in revenue in the past 3 months from various advertisers. One client increased his spending by $6,000. Mathews says all of his accounts have added to their budgets because of his presentations.

Mathews’ goal is to show at least one presentation a week to an existing client or prospect. “I have become a huge proponent of AdMall, just from the presentations capability alone,” Mathews said. “We have a lot of tools at our disposal for building spec ads, but we never had a tool to tie it all up and put in a presentation.”

AdMall PRO’s presentation tool: No Keynote or PowerPoint software required

Mathews’ presentations take less than two minutes each to create. AdMall PRO’s presentation tool pulls in research about your prospect’s industry, including peak sales months, a consumer spending map for your client’s products/services, and the information you initially gathered through the Diagnosis Call. You can add images, links, additional research, a proposed media schedule, and next steps your prospect needs to take in order to move the campaign forward.

AdMall PRO saves your presentations so you can email them to the client for further review. You can check metrics to see if your client opened the presentation, and how much time they spent on each page. Learn more about how to create a presentation in AdMall PRO by watching this 15-second video.

Guy Mathews of The Wayne Independent is one of the Sell Smarter Award Recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2014.


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