Networking at Events: Be On Your Best Behavior

Wed Oct 10, 2012

Jessica Helinski

While networking at events seems like a fairly easy-to-master skill, there’s actually a good deal of thought and finesse that should go into it. Just showing up and handing out businesses cards isn’t enough to make the most of the event, and some salespeople even run the risk of hurting their reputation by inappropriate behavior.

Theresa Delgado recently blogged about how to effectively network and connect with others while at an event, and she covers several areas of importance:

  • Participation in discussions
  • Language
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Body language
  • Turning phones off
  • Eating before

For each topic, she briefly discusses how one should “behave” and why. For example, she advises that, despite the allure of the open bar, wise salespeople will limit their intake:

“Limit your alcohol consumption to one. Yes, you’re probably thinking, “Just one?”

You are at the event for networking, not drinking. If you want to carry a beverage, try a soda. You can celebrate your new connections at home with your favorite ‘adult’ beverage.”

To read the rest of her advice, click here.

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