New Local Opportunity: Capturing Local Audience Data

Fri Jul 28, 2017

Kathy Crosett

In her summary of BIA/Kelsey’s recent LOCAL IMPACT: New York event, Maribeth Papuga reviewed localwhat industry experts and practitioners are concerned about when it comes to buying and selling local digital media space. This sector has been invaded by the ad tech and data giants, leaving local media companies and buyers struggling to understand the marketplace. One way to gain an edge in all the upheaval may be to focus on the localization of data, say the folks who discussed this overall topic at the BIA/Kelsey event.

These days, media sellers find themselves outpaced by representatives of national companies who are using national data to help local marketers like footwear shops or seafood stores reach their target markets. While this data may sound good on the surface, the local footwear shop owner may be failing to reach half of the audience who wants to buy a regionally-specific product. For example, consumers located in the South Central U.S.  may buy sneakers like any other shoppers. But, they’ll also be looking for something else, like leather boots. Likewise, a seafood store based in New England will benefit from understanding the characteristics of audiences who enjoy locally-sourced lobsters. These are the consumers they need to target in their next ad campaign, rather than the seafood lovers who were sourced from a national survey.

If you’re selling data management services, this dilemma faced by local marketers could be a way for you to boost sales. You may be able to sell clients a package to help them manage demographics for their customers or work with them to conduct a local survey.

It’s also easy for local businesses to become obsessed with the number of impressions their digital campaigns are delivering and what they’re paying per CPM. If you can help clients instead focus on delivering unique locally generated content to locally-sourced audiences, they should see an improvement in ROI. That’s the number they should be focusing on.

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