New Video! AE Closes $24,000 and Another Earns Respect in Digital

Tue Sep 13, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

The 1st Quarter 2016 Sell Smarter! Awards video puts the spotlight on two media salespeople who increased revenue for their media companies by using the tools in AdMall.


Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to the First Quarter 2016 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.


A new gun, outdoor and survival shop opened up in Davis Arend’s territory of Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, North Carolina. They had NOT done any advertising and Arend was bent on CHANGING that by using AdMall. The WMYV/WXLV TV account executive approached them with a new business package requiring an annual commitment that she thought would work WELL for them.

They were very concerned about both getting ROI and COMMITTING to a YEAR of advertising. But AdMall’s “Value of a New Customer” information was a HUGE selling point for them. This value is the amount of money a typical U.S. adult will spend at gun shops during a ten-year period of time. The client could EASILY see how investing in advertising with her stations would give them positive returns. Putting an actual NUMBER on it was INVALUABLE to them.

“Going the extra mile by pulling the Gun Shoppers AudienceSCAN report and presentation made a 100 percent positive difference to them,” Arend said. “It showed I was prepared and wanted to help long-term, and not just ‘take their money and run.’ We closed them the same day, and they’ve seen tremendous results since they went on the air!”

Arend closed the deal for $24,000 at the end of only her SECOND week at the TV station!


Natasha Holly was working with a roofer in Delaware who was losing FAITH in the Dover Post’s ability to run successful SEM campaigns for her. The roofer was considering using a COMPETING company for SEO and other web services. The business owner felt the Dover Post did NOT understand her MARKET or industry, because the paper’s sales team is located in Boston. Holly got to work RIGHT away, using AdMall’s tools to regain her client’s confidence.

“Using Digital Audits for her top 3 competitors, I was able to be viewed as an EXPERT that could show what her COMPETITION was doing and where she could use improvement in HER program,” Holly explained.

Well, she SAVED the account and the DIGITAL AUDIT did the trick! The roofer agreed to renew her current $21,000 SEM campaign with the Dover Post, while ADDING an $8,000 SEO campaign, AND a $2,400 EMAIL BLAST campaign as well!

Congratulations to Davis and Natasha, along with the other 1st quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipients:

  • Dena El Gazzar of Time Warner Cable Media
  • Tina Byrd of Times Bulletin Media

To find out how YOU can qualify for a Sell Smarter Award, visit the Sell Smarter page under “FEATURES” on

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