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Tue Aug 15, 2017

Courtney Huckabay



Hello there, and WELCOME to the August 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


In its latest midyear report, MAGNA reports that 2017 U.S. advertising sales is expected to grow by 1.6% to $185 billion. Online ad sales will SHINE, while traditional media formats will face CHALLENGES. Local TV advertising will be off by at least three-percent from last year. The lack of POLITICAL money and slower activity in the automotive, restaurant and retail sectors are to blame. But mid-cycle elections NEXT year could drive local TV ad demand UP by ten percent. Demand for broadcast linear RADIO ads may fall by 4.4%. A weakening in automotive, retail and finance/insurance is to blame for this drop. The out-of-home segment may experience a growth rate of up to two percent. TECH buyers have been driving up demand in this sector. DIGITAL will remain the growth engine for the ad market in the U.S. and will likely experience a jump of  14 percent. As media sales reps work to reach quotas this year, they should be prepared to face increased competition in the traditional ad market. Reaching out to a broader range of prospects could generate more revenue.


New research from Marketingprofs shows the steps marketers are taking to increase their ROI on their digital VIDEO. Businesses have hesitated to increase their digital video ad budgets until they can prove the format goes BEYOND raising consumer AWARENESS of their brands. Specifically, they want to see digital video drive SALES. Analysts cite the Nielsen Catalina Solutions study which linked an average sales increase of more than $23 for every 1,000 digital video exposures. This increase was LARGER than for linear TV OR display. TRAVEL marketers are getting a $2-3 ROI for every dollar spent using digital video. Consumers can EASILY make reservations online after viewing a digital video. Marketingprofs research shows that AUTO advertisers are aware of the power of digital video. But really connecting with consumers will require a bit of PERSONALIZATION in their digital video messages to boost the bottom line. If you’re selling digital video media space or production services, have you talked with your clients about the value of the format when it comes to driving SALES?


CLOSING a sale can be nerve-wracking for even the most experienced sales professional. In her HubSpot article, Emma Brudner points out that while a prospect’s, “yes,” or “no,” answer relies on MORE than JUST the rep’s closing phrase, that phrase DOES have impact. Brudner cautions against using and ASSUMPTIVE close – acting like the prospect has ALREADY decided. It’s a manipulative sales tactic. An example would be, “When should we get STARTED on implementation?” or, “What DELIVERY date would you like?” Instead, Brudner shares phrases that you should use. One is, “It seems like [our product or service] is a good fit for [your company]. What do YOU think?” This is a great closing question because it INVITES the prospect to consider all the POSITIVE things about you and your business. Additionally, you are asking for her opinion. Another phrase is, “What happens NEXT?” When a prospect seems to be STALLING, this phrase will give him a little PUSH. SOMETHING’S preventing them from buying, and you need to FIGURE it out. Whatever your approach, it’s important to find a closing style that works for you.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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