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Tue Mar 14, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

SalesFuel recently conducted our “Voice of the Sales Rep” survey. Learn what reps are afraid to tell their managers. Understand what Google’s mobile-first indexing means to your websites. Get ideas on what you should do on cold calls.



Hello there, and WELCOME to the March 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


SalesFuel recently conducted our “Voice of the Sales Rep” survey, where salespeople across the U. S. were asked about their experiences and attitudes with their positions, their direct managers, companies, motivations and careers. The results indicated that there are gaps between what sales reps are LOOKING for from their managers and what their managers are GIVING to them.

So, WHY are sellers afraid to tell managers what they’re really thinking? Mostly, it’s because managers don’t LISTEN and are NEVER AROUND to communicate with them. Reps want MORE time with their managers – but it must be productive, meaningful time.

FORTY-THREE percent of surveyed salespeople only meet with their managers ONCE a MONTH or LESS! Other key findings include: THIRTY-NINE percent told SalesFuel that they need opportunity for ADVANCEMENT or they might leave. And THIRTY-FIVE percent LEFT a company because they didn’t like the company CULTURE, purpose or values.

These are just a FEW of the findings. Whether you’re a media sales manager, or hope to be someday, read all about them in the white paper, “What Your Salespeople are AFRAID to Tell You.” Download it today at


If your small business clients want to be “DISCOVERABLE” this year, they’ll have to pay attention to their MOBILE sites. Search giant Google plans to move ahead with a MOBILE-FIRST index. So, what does that MEAN?

A recent post on SearchEngineLand reported what you need to know. Google’s web crawler will now look at the MOBILE site owned by a business, BEFORE its traditional website. It will USE that mobile information for indexing and ranking. Analysts believe that responsive mobile sites WILL fare well in the new indexing scheme.

Google has noted that the complete rollout of this functionality will likely take several months to complete. You HAVE time to help your clients.

For now, Google says it will continue to index TRADITIONAL sites in cases where a mobile site doesn’t exist. But, if you sell SEO services, it’s time to pitch your clients on a REVIEW of their sites to make sure they’ll score as high as possible in the mobile-first ranking. And if you provide development services, work with them to make sure they have a properly functioning MOBILE version of their website.


Last month we talked about what NOT to do on a cold call, so now what SHOULD you do? Ian Call, in an article for Business2Community, gives advice to newbies, and EVEN veterans, on how to get more COMFORTABLE doing it.

  1. Write a SCRIPT. While you don’t need a full DETAILED script, “winging it” can fail. Write out a brief outline and PRACTICE it. It can even be a great reference DURING the call.
  2. Generate LEADS and CONTACTS. Seek out leads that would GENUINELY be a good fit for your company, and research as much as you can ABOUT their business.
  3. Make the first CALL. First calls can always be shaky — even with your script and research. Just PICK UP the phone! But keep your outcome clear – write it DOWN, so that you know why you’re making all these calls in the FIRST place.

Use these tips to make your cold calls more PRODUCTIVE, while helping improve your COMFORT with cold calling.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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