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Tue Apr 11, 2017

Courtney Huckabay


Hello there, and WELCOME to the April 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


SalesFuel’s recent Voice of the Sales Rep Survey found that 35 percent have LEFT a company because they didn’t like the company CULTURE, PURPOSE or VALUES. A great culture brings out the BEST in employees, making them more productive AND improving the bottom LINE. In a recent blog post by SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith, he identified ten requirements for a winning SALES culture. Here are just few.

  • PURPOSE. Most people, and especially millennials, like to feel there is some purpose to what they do every day. So why does your company EXIST? Why does your TEAM exist? Why does your POSITION exist?
  • Positivity. There’s lots of rejection in sales, so the team doesn’t need more negativity when they come back to the office. Are team members allowed to openly vent, complain or talk behind people’s backs? That kind of negativity SPREADS.
  • Appreciation. Recognition, rewards and showing appreciation for good work is as important to many people as the money. In fact, thirty-three percent of those surveyed say they like public recognition.

Be sure and read ALL of Lee’s requirements on and download the free white paper “What Your Salespeople are AFRAID to Tell You” at


According to Borrell Associates’ recent Franchise Advertising Executive report, DIGITAL and direct MAIL are the favorite media channels for local franchisees. In the past year, the number of franchisees buying newspaper, magazine and directory advertising has DROPPED. At the same time, interest in MOBILE advertising JUMPED. The percentage of franchisees using MOBILE increased from twenty-eight to THIRTY-SIX percent in one year.

Media sales reps should know that your local franchise accounts are REQUIRED to spend specified levels of revenue on LOCAL ADVERTISING. And the typical franchisee spends sixty-seven percent MORE than the typical local business on advertising.  AND many franchising organizations require their NEW franchisees to spend a significant amount on grand opening advertising, which bodes WELL for media sales opportunities.


It’s easy to give great customer service when everything is going SMOOTHLY, but it’s DIFFICULT when things start going AMISS. Myra Golden offers some help in her article “Six Ways to RESTORE Customer Confidence When Things Go Wrong.” Here are a few.

  1. APOLOGIZE. Often, our first reaction is to attempt to Justify what occurred. While clients DO expect an explanation, you need to just APOLOGIZE and get to work SOLVING the issue for him.
  2. Be COURTEOUS. OWN the situation. Maintain your composure and let him KNOW that you UNDERSTAND his frustration.
  3. PRIORITIZE. Once you’re alerted to the problem, solve it QUICKLY and THOROUGHLY. Putting it OFF will only DRAW OUT a bad situation and ANGER your client. Acting QUICKLY will show your client that he’s a PRIORITY.
  4. Plan for the FUTURE. Once the problem is solved, inform your client of what you have LEARNED from this experience and, therefore, why the problem will NOT REPEAT itself in the future.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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