Put Out That Fire! 3 Tips to Avoid Social Media Storms

Tue Nov 10, 2015

Amanda Levin

It happens at least a few times a year. A social media snafu makes socialsitesheadlines and throws PR departments into a frenzy to save their brand’s image. Social media is unavoidable, but there are ways you can help your clients avoid being added to the list of social media disasters.

In his blog on Econsultancy.com, Michael Hewitt identifies 7 deadly brand sins that can turn a small social media crisis into a social media storm. Here are 3 of them:

1. They don’t take control.

How often are social media disasters blamed on “the intern?” Whether it really was an intern, employee or specifically an experienced member of your client’s social media team, they need to have control over who has access to their brand’s social pages. Yes, employees should be brand ambassadors, but that doesn’t mean they should all have access to update and post on behalf of the brand. Consolidate control with a team that understands your client’s social strategy, and half the battle is already won.

2. They are ignorant to context.

If your client’s social media team does not understand the context of their content, bad things are in their future. Before they hit post, they need to make sure their content is relevant to the conversation AND know how it relates to the overall context. And don’t use hashtags if you don’t know their context. That is a fast and easy way to cause offense and tarnish your client’s brand.

3. They take too long to respond.

If your clients aren’t responding to customers’ questions on social media within two hours, they’re doing it wrong. More than 50% of consumers expect to have a response to their question within this time frame. To ensure your clients keep customers happy and, to prevent an angry backlash, set up a plan to monitor and respond to queries on their social pages.

Protect your client’s brand image by helping them avoid social media storms. By steering your clients away from these brand sins, you’ll not only protect their image, but also establish a well-defined social media management strategy.

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