How to Raise Your Client’s SEO Rank to Position 0

Thu May 18, 2017

Kathy Crosett

The mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are enough to make marketers to raise their handsposition in surrender.  They might take a stab at putting a few keywords in their website pages and hope that’s enough to get them onto the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) Many of your clients likely suspect they need to trust the wizard behind the curtain to make it all work. With these tips from Brian Patterson, you can sell yourself as the wizard.

In an article for, Brian Patterson talks about what it takes to get listed in “Position 0.” In the world of Google, “position 0” is top dog. Your client’s content can end up in an answer box at the top of the page, with an accompanying image. How important is this kind of ranking? Patterson says his clients experience click-through rates three times higher than average when they score the answer box position.

Patterson took the time to study some of the most common ways that content ends up in answer boxes during a search. He found that Google’s crawlers appear to like lists. Web users are constantly querying the site with questions like “Which spa services are most popular?”

If your spa client is looking for a way to attract visitors, set up a list (ordered or unordered in HTML) with an H2 header (HTML). For example:

5 Most Popular Spa Services

  • Manicure 20%
  • Massage 18%
  • Brow waxing 10%
  • Pedicure 8%
  • Botox 5%

Google may pull this information into an answer box and show a link to your client’s page.

While Patterson makes the process sound simple, he advises readers to use a tracking tool to understand SERPs and to understand “which keywords have answer boxes.”

If your clients are determined to make SEO work for them, you’ll need to tweak the content in the list. Remember that the goal of the answer box methodology is to get web users to click through to your client’s site. That means you must withhold some information from the list Google displays. According to Patterson, Google’s list limit is 7 items. If you build a list that includes 8 or 9 items, web users who want to know the rest of the story will click through.

Read all of Patterson’s advice here. Discuss the topics of answer boxes on SERP with your clients. If they’re willing to spend a little money to allow you to develop the kind of content Google’s engine likes, they’ll be rewarded by much higher traffic on their sites.

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