Reaching Teen and Millennial Consumers Through Short-Form Video

Wed Aug 30, 2017

Rachel Cagle

Video advertisers can have a pretty tough time deciding where to place their ads. Who is watching what and how they are watching are questions that these advertisers need answers to. Nielsen provides some insight into this through its snapshot of its 2017 Video 360 Report.

For starters, within the past three months, 54% of the U.S.’s general population have viewed short-form videos. Short-form videos include TV program clips, news segments, music videos, and such. Major viewing demographics of this video form include teens and millennials. 71% of these age groups watch short-form videos and 48% claim that their viewership of this medium has only been on the rise since last year.

This content is ideal for demographics who grew up in the digital age we’re in now. An unending amount of information is available at our fingertips, so internet users have learned to filter out what they view as unnecessary, which often includes videos that they think will take up too much of their time to view. Short-form videos are to the point, often only have short ads included in them, and are easily shared on social media.

That last part is important because Nielsen also found that 39% of teens and millennials find information on new movies, TV shows, etc. that they’d like to see through the internet and 45% of these groups find this information specifically through social media/apps.

So, inform your video ad clients whose primary target audience includes teens and millennials that a prime location for their ads is within short-form videos that showcase an upcoming movie or a new TV show. Not only will these consumers view the ads on the original site where the short-term videos are posted, they’ll also be very likely to share that content with their friends via social media. As a result, these ads have the potential to spread like wildfire.


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