Regalix: Blogs Posts, Videos Are Must-Haves for B2B Content Marketing

Thu Feb 16, 2017

Kathy Crosett

B2B operators are upping their content marketing game this year. Specifically, they’re focusing on lead readingblogsgeneration. In the increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses must capture a prospect’s attention before someone else does. For many businesses, adjusting content marketing formats and channels may be the key to success.


The pre-sale process is a key focus for developers of B2B content marketing materials, according to the State of B2B Content Marketing report from At this point in the sales funnel, the hope is for content marketing to:

  • Generate leads 87%
  • Create awareness 76%
  • Build the business’s reputation as a thought leader 69%


As challenging as it is to develop content for every step of the sales funnel, marketers must also channel it properly.  Previously, B2B marketers focused on email, the company website and social media as the primary content marketing channels. In the past year, marketers have slightly shifted their emphasis away from email. While email is still ‘indispensable’ for 28% of marketers, social media now stands at 27% and the company website at 26%. The biggest growth story in the past year is told by mobile, which 3% of B2B marketers now call ‘indispensable’ for content marketing.


Marketers focus on a variety of content types in order to reach prospects. As technology improves and becomes easier to work with, B2B marketers are experimenting with a variety of content formats. In the past year, blogs have maintained a top position with 20% of marketers. The video format experienced significant growth going from 9% to 16%. Social media posts rose to 12%, while 16% of B2B marketers rely heavily on webinars/webcasts/podcasts. Video, blogs and webinars are also called the most effective formats by B2B marketers.

Most B2B marketers concede that developing unique content on a regular basis is a huge challenge. If you’re selling media services, start pitching prospects on how you can improve their blog posts and videos.


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