What Sales Managers Should Do NOW Before A Rep Exits

Thu Feb 5, 2015

Jessica Helinski

iStock_000010954771XSmallTo ensure a smooth transition after a star salesperson leaves, sales managers must be ready to guide clients and prospects through the personnel transition—or risk losing business along with the exiting employee. According to an article by ComLinked, “It is estimated that a small business loses approximately 20-30% of their customers whenever a good sales rep leaves their company.” As a sales manager, you have the power to prevent this. ComLinked also shared a helpful infographic that illustrates five ways managers should react to the exit of a sales team member.

One way to lessen the impact of a departure is do random customer visits. Doing so will help build rapport and establish relationships with clients and prospects. These face-to-face meetings will ensure that they are familiar with more than just one face at your company, and in the event of a sales rep’s exit, they can feel confident that their business is still in good hands.

In the same vein, establish company-level relationships. Rather than just focus on the single client or prospect, get to know others in their company. Strong corporate-level relationships can safeguard and maintain business regardless of personnel changes.

One way to forge these relationships is to schedule quarterly business reviews with customers. Not only will these give you direct feedback and improve customer service and satisfaction, you can proactively work on any issues that may come to head if a client’s sales rep leaves.

By implementing ComLinked’s measures, you can make sure that clients and prospects don’t follow suit if a sales rep heads out the door!

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