Sales Rep’s Consummate Account Service Keeps Client in the Fast Lane

Tue May 23, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: Auto service center wants to tread on local tire competition             

Jennifer Carroll’s advertiser wanted to run a promotion with the Hickory Daily Record that went beyond their usual print and digital campaigns. The owners are a local family serving the Hickory, NC area for more than 20 years. The full-service auto repair, auto service and tire center faced competition from other tire centers in the area that offer the Michelin and BFGoodrich brands of tires. The owners wanted to promote a rebate offer from BFGoodrich for the month of July in hopes of ramping up traffic for tires.

Solution: Take consultative approach on the road

Carroll had been selling media for approximately a year and a half, and she knew AdMall would lead her in the right direction to better consult her client. She found a co-op opportunity for BFGoodrich in her AdMall Minute to get the ball – or tire – rolling. She then used the mapping tools and educated herself on the challenges and opportunities in the tire industry through the Local Account Intelligence Report for Tire Stores. She pulled it all together for a fierce plan of attack for her account.

Result: Blast the competition out with a high-octane 30-day digital campaign

The service center signed on for a digital campaign totaling $4,786!

It included:

  • Sports Banners for 12 days
  • Top Sports Banner for 6 days
  • Bottom Sports Banner for 6 days
  • 2-½ page high-visibility flights to run 3 Wednesdays and 3 Sundays
  • E-Blast sent to approximately 17,000 subscribers

“They got a great return with the campaign,” Carroll said. “They even won a trip from BF Goodrich for the amount of tire sales for the month!”

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