Sales Tips From the Dating World

Wed Jul 26, 2017

Jessica Helinski

Have you ever compared selling to dating? You may be surprised at how many dating tips can actually be applied to the sales world. As sales reps move away from impersonal sales tactics to more custom approaches, relationships will play a bigger role. This “relationship” style of selling is the topic of a recent Marketo article, and author Noelle Ruiz sees an interesting comparison between this strategy and dating.

Below are a few dating “lessons” that she believes can help reps establish relationships with prospects, which in turn can increase sales:

Don’t just talk about yourself. When on dates, using conversations to talk only about yourself will get old pretty quickly. This is no different when selling. As Ruiz writes, “It’s important to show interest in the person you are with so ask them questions. As sales people, it’s hard to not talk about your product but keep in mind, the final sale comes down to one thing: how can your product solve the needs of your customer?”

Look for signs. Nonverbal clues are excellent indicators of what the other person is thinking. On dates and in sales, you can use these clues to find out when (and if) you should move ahead to the next level. Be honest and open–and encourage the other to do the same. You want to make sure that none of your actions are based merely on assumptions.

Leave a little to the imagination. Don’t share too much at the first meeting. Instead, provide value at each communication so it leaves them wanting to meet you again. “Taking it slow can not only help your dating life, but it can also help your prospect better digest and retain important information along the sales cycle,” Ruiz explains.

In addition to Ruiz’s list, can you think of other ways that selling is like dating? By applying dating do’s to your sales strategy, you put the focus on building a relationship with the prospect. This, in turn, can create a foundation for a wonderful future together.

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